Who are we

Virald is a genuine consulting service in the digital industry. Combining competence, creativity, and business sense, Virald stands out as a consultant provider.

As a leading full-fledged solutions provider in the digital space, the core of our business is the ability to adapt to any situation. This is where we excel with a broad and diversified knowledge roster, there is little in the digital industry that we cannot do. Understanding the business space in which we operate is the key to adding value to our clients. Applying our business sense to connect the dots and see how the most value. This is how we get tangible results.

Virald was founded in the middle of the 2020 pandemic crisis, developing vital technologies for companies to develop and adapt to the changing circumstances. Since the beginning our success has been tied to the ability to incubate the right talent, work together, and overcome challenges.

We focus on talent. Virald is always looking for great people with the right skill and mindset to become a consultant. By searching for people compatible with the intense but exciting workflow at Virald, we can identify the right match in a sea of professionals in the digital space. Once onboard each employee, to continue improving and grow, everyone gets their own mentor that coaches them through their career.

To give the best service possible to the market leaders we work with. The sharing of knowledge is a natural part of the work process. Helping each other out in achieving the impossible and improve as a group and company. Virald consultants share information amongst another all the time and therefor every client does not get the knowledge of only one consultant, but the entirety of Virald.

We are digital development, we are innovation,

We are Virald.