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Explore beyond the limits

The Virald vision

Taking the next step in the digital revolution is to challenge the pre-existing notion of what is possible.

It is to work together with the people around us and make the most of the resources we got. It is to not stop when a problem appears, but to find a way around it. It is the vision to create the innovations of tomorrow, today.

We have created a space on the frontiers of the digital landscape, choosing every day to stay there and drive the space forward. Moving together we work to realize this vision of a sustainable and digitalized future.

By building a culture that works to realize everyone’s full potential. We work not to restrict; we work to enable creativity and innovation.

We are the vision of a sustainable future; we are the vision of a digital revolution.

We are Virald.

Sharing is the key

Personal development is what drives a company forward. It makes us stronger, happier, and better – together we know that our combined strength improves as we continue to develop.

Therefore we never stop developing and improving at Virald, we applaud each other for every step forward and work in unison to take on challenges we would never manage alone.

We pride ourselves on our culture of sharing as it helps us to constantly be moving ahead. No matter if it is works inside or outside the company wall’s, we ensure that there is always a way to progress.

This culture of sharing and personal development is not limited to Virald, but something we bring to our clients as well. Improving their competence as much as we improve our own.

This is our mindset of sharing.

We love a good challenge

Taking on the world

Our vision does not stop at being a leader of the digital revolution, but also a leader in digital sustainability. The climate is in a worse spot than it has ever been and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to be a beacon of inspiration, a role model, in the work to get it back on track.

Among other things, we have a Climate first policy with the goal to make the entire company carbon neutral. The climate first policy includes among other a train first and zero waste policy, with incentives for acting with sustainability in mind. This work extends to our digital development and work with clients.

With this work we hope to inspire the rest of the industry to follow suit and take a stance for the environment and our planet.

This is Virald's promise to the world.

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